Find Popular Quilting Books and Magazines

Quilting is an addictive hobby. Many people begin by planning to make one special quilt as a gift. Before that first quilt is complete, the new quilter is already planning the next one.

Quilting books and magazines are a great source of inspiration for the new and experienced quilter alike. Written by people who are passionate about the craft, popular quilting magazines are full of new techniques and patterns for all skill levels.


Quilting Tips to Save You Time

Quilting has become quite diverse in the past thirty years. No longer just a bed covering, quilting adorns walls and tables as traditional or art pieces. One of the best modern devices for quilting is the rotary cutter which is utilized with a plexiglass ruler and mat to protect the table surface. Placement of the ruler on fabric only takes a zip of the rotary cutter to make strips or other straight sided pieces. Some like to hand quilt their work or have More…

Find Blanket Coverage for Your Home

While it is true that most insurance companies offer the same sort of coverage to their customers as every other company, the difference is sometimes felt in the way it is packaged or presented to the homeowner. To put this another way, some companies may have certain options lurking at some point in their options, while other companies have these same extras written right into their basic coverage proposal.

The difference in philosophy is probably best illustrated by imagining a home on the beach in Florida versus a home on the range in South Dakota. Each area is likely to have a basic package that generally fits the needs of its most likely customers, but those two packages would be vastly different due to their geographic disparities. Even in the same state, the needs of rural versus urban homeowners can be very different.

When it comes time to write a blanket coverage proposal, it therefore behooves the homeowner to make sure that his agent is familiar with the sorts of extra coverage that might be required in specialized areas. An urban agent might not know much about barn and outbuilding insurance riders, but he can look it up if you ask him about it. Conversely, a rural-based agent knows all the specialized coverage needed for high acreage properties but might not be a real wizard at writing policies for apartment buildings.

Ship around for an agent who is not just tolerably familiar but is instead a real expert in the specific type of insurance you will need for your property. Every company has the specialized coverage you need, but someone has to tell it to put that additional protection into your basic blanket homeowner’s package. When in doubt, ask several of your neighbors for an agent and company recommendation. You might be surprised at what you will learn.

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Design Your Own Free-Form Quilt Pattern

A quilt pattern’s design can be quite intricate or quite simple. It really is up to you to choose an idea that you like and that will work well for you. For instance, if you’re creating your very first quilt you may want to start with a simple idea such as an all-over square pattern. Once you grow more familiar and comfortable with designing quilt patterns you’ll be able to create patterns and designs that are more complicated due to the fact that they utilize a More…

Quilting Projects For Babies and Children

Quilting projects for kids can be cute, colorful and comfortable. Anything you make for a child should be durable. If it is well loved, it will be washed. You don’t have to make a whole quilt to have something they will use and appreciate. Prewash all the fabric, even if it is preshrunk. That will soften it and assure you that it washes well. If the fabric is going to fade or bleed, now is the time to More…

Make Money With Your Quilting Projects

Quilting is a fun and rewarding hobby,but it can be a costly one too. If you are interested in covering the cost of your quilting or even turning a bit of a profit, you may want to consider selling some of your quilting projects. There are lots of fun ways to market your wares and enjoy a little money from your hard work. Many fairs and markets offer the option to rent a booth for a reasonable fee. Many people even make a full time job out of traveling with various fairs to sell their More…

How to Start a Quilting Club

Are you looking for some friends to whom you can quilt with? Well, one of the things that people often will do in this situation, is they will start a quilting club. A quilting club has a variety of benefits, like you will learn the techniques that other people are using.

Here is how to start a quilting club:

Put an ad in the paper: An ad in the paper is going to come to the attention of other quilters. Especially, if you do More…

Quilting as a Rewarding and Profitable Hobby

Quilting is a very rewarding and profitable hobby to . As you develop more skill with quilting, you will be able to sell your quilts for more and more money. There are professional quilts that are selling for thousands of dollars. The reason is because they are top notch quilts, and people love quilts because they can do a variety of different things.

For example, you can make a quilt that has meaning in every square. It could be a quilt that tells a story, or it could just be a quilt with an amazing design. As you get further and More…